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The author of this blog, Dirk Schmidt, works in the political branch close to regional administration and is elected member of the council of the city of Bochum.

This blog covers my work, thoughts and material I see in Wattenscheid, Bochum, Düsseldorf or Berlin – maybe Brussels. I write it for people who are interested in these things. I don’t think that this blog reaches a large audience. It’s a special interest audience. Its material is connected to other communciation. During the campaign for the state election 2010, this website was used as well for my „rallye“.

This blog is about the Metropole Ruhr, also known as the Ruhr Area or Ruhrgebiet. This region includes 53 local communities organized in 11 district-free cities and 4 districts with 42 towns. Ruhr has 5.3 million inhabitants and is situated in the heart of the state of Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany. The blog aims to focus on regional topics and to present other paged and documents that cover the region and its interests.

Furthermore, I write English articles about the Ruhr on Mainly, the English blog covers offers to English native speakers or to people who are interested in using the English language. Due to my wife being an English native speaker, this information is useful for me and the guests we host. Additionally, there seem to be quite a few people to be interested in this information because the English community in the Ruhr seems to be not very well connected.I am also looking forward to collecting more information and offers in English language.